We will never return to normal
Free to be better than ever,
good for goodness sake
guerrilla wrestling
Tug of War

The Peoples Free Militia
(USA Freedom Corps*)

Volunteers ready to lay down our lives,
There is something for every person to do.*
Everybody helping everybody else,
Free the Genius of the People,
A Work in Progress.

The Story of Freedom
The battle for freedom begins in the land of imagination.

Intelligent design inspires free choice for personal significance.
Impressive freedom, God invites personal contribution to solution.
Volunteer Firemen; Citizens Militia; Neighbors; Friends
Wonder Dad, Wonder Mom.

We Need You Now More Than Ever

People of Freedom

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thomas Jefferson
Albert Einstein






"We will find something for every American to do."
*Tom Ridge, Office of Homeland Security 10/7/01
*USA Freedom Corps, George Bush 1/30/02
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Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD
"Gratitude reboots the machine."

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