Citizens Militia

Suggestion: "Militia class" seating
for cockpit and airline security.
USA Freedom Corps
NY Times

We are 'people of freedom' ready to lay down our lives for the future of freedom,

'Generation Wisdom', a nation of volunteers, leadership for the world.

Please make 24+ coach style seats available to preflight

volunteers who have allowed FBI, CIA profiling to approve their

selection for "militia class" seating.   Move the first class cabin back a bit*

and put the curtain up, but advertise and be computer profiled selective

according to FBI established criteria, allowing us to participate

as unarmed volunteers prepared to provide cockpit security,

able and willing to help in cases of emergency,

Overflow sits over the wing.

More people will resume flying sooner.

People of Freedom

volunteer firemen
citizens militia
free creation


*suicidal hijackers fly first class on credit.



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