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It is not surprising that someone at Hazelden understands this.

Philanthropists can battle the ongoing terror of addiction
by Reid Zimmerman (

"Prior to September 11th very few Americans would have called themselves philanthropists. That term, literally defined as "loving humankind," was generally reserved for the wealthy who were able to give away large sums of money.

But after that great devastation, philanthropists rose up from all sectors. People sharing their love for humanity were numbered in hundreds of heroic firefighters and police, thousands of rescue workers, tens of thousands of blood donors, and millions who gave of their own resources out of their desire to help and make a positive difference.

The demonstration of Americans' philanthropy has been overwhelming. So great, in fact, that some charities are not able to keep up with the number and size of the gifts. And, so concentrated in New York and centered on the World Trade Center victims and their families, that many others in need of basic health and human services will go wanting this winter.

Many Americans have found out that they are philanthropists. Perhaps you too are among the may who have discovered the ability to share when the needs of others are so very evident.

Sometimes the needs of others are not so visibly evident as the worldwide broadcast in real time of the Twin Towers collapse and the burning Pentagon. That devastation and loss of life brought many of us to tears and fright for those directly affected and for our families and ourselves.

Addiction is one of those less visible, but no less frightening, needs with which many in our nation struggle on a daily basis. Families are torn apart and people die as a result of this devastating disease. Yet because it is often a silent killer, it does not make the evening news. But the rampage continues.

As a philanthropist, you can provide resources for others to combat this disease that they battle on a day-to -day basis. Your contribution...(inspires other contribution and makes a difference).

You also have the opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations, your children and theirs, who may also suffer from addiction...The fight against addiction will not be solved in our lifetime. May our philanthropy aid current and future generations in their battle against this terror of addiction."






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