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no more bull of heaven

I am he who saw everything, let me explain to all the world.
For 5,000 years, he who has experienced, let me teach it fully.
I am he who has searched the wonders of the world entirely,
and was granted all wonder and wisdom in the great mystery of all things.
I am he who was broken by the death of Enkidu, my friend.
I am he who no one understood, inviting all who were unwilling to learn.

The battle for freedom begins in the land of imagination.

Strength To Face The Impossible

Free the Genius of Your People

The Spoken Operating System


The Story of Freedom


The Epic of Gilgamesh offers evidence the mind of mankind is unchanged in over 5,000 years of time:
Bill Clinton replays the cultural icon of powerful sex addicted king who gets busted;  Sensitivity training
by Enkidu representing native peoples everywhere;  Seduced by modern times and power filled human
imagination; perplexed by superstitions; embittered; yearnings for roots; origins; source; the good old
days;  Best efforts offered;  Well intentioned governments fail to solve the problems of the people;
Deforestation makes deserts;  Gilgamesh® fails to persuade with 'fruit from the tree of life'.

Parents everywhere tell favorite stories to their children, the new mythology.
Now it is your turn to tell The Story of Freedom, stories to inspire alive
every ounce of youthful energy to take over where you left off,
privileged to tell the story again.
Freedom cannot be forced.


Stuck in a Box . Com
Uruk is no more.
Covered by desert sands,
Gilgamesh could not save her.
Merged into 'the who cares Attitude'
Tricked and Trapped by Thought Waves.

Free the Genius of the People.
Generation Wisdom





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"Gratitude reboots the Machine."

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