Like physical anatomy, 'Emotional Anatomy' is just another aspect of creation
intelligently designed to mobilize, attract and harness your complete attention to
the multigenerational gift--freedom--free the genius of the people.

Others have descibed what we are discovering for the first time:  Albert Einstein

Inspired alive, the full spectrum of Thomas Jefferson's genius was applied to establish reliable,
reproducible language, intentionally describing the foundations of government,
devoted to preserving the truth of human freedom.

Generation Wisdom, freely choosing to look through the lenses of awe and wonder
can see clearly the thoughts, imaginations, feelings and actions which try to hold you down.
Unique Organs of Action--Too many are Tricked and Trapped:   Stuck in a Box

Patiently, courageously, persistently; freely attracted,
you can identify 'attitude addictions' that stand in the way of your personal gifts and genius.
'The story of freedom' is your contribution to solution--people are the product of freedom.


The Spoken Operating System
For the Future of Freedom

Wonder Vison Wisdom

Awesomely important and valuable to the future of freedom
We need you now more than ever.
The future of freedom is in your hands.

Seeing Clearly, Choose Wisely
You are the Chooser

I'm not the only one talking about this !!
Check it out.

'The Freedom Network'

Emotional Anatomy




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