I met Fred depressed, they took the gun away from him.

A 30 yr public servant of our government.   Unfairly burdened

by a BOSS who played golf, drank and gambled on the job

with two compliant supers. The boss was a political appointee.

 His slogan, "No one can touch me, I'll retire from this position." 


Fred tried to keep the department running.   The men had families, they needed their jobs, they

needed to feel good about themselves and their work, they brought their moods home with them.

 Fred made the place like family, even weekend outings, until finally white colar conspiracy broke


<He meets Gilgamesh who persuades, "Awesome, important and valuable to the future of



With lost confidence in himself,

he was by his own description, "a low down, no good, and rotten, sick and pathetic, loser.

A wimp, incapable" and decided he should die.  The gun,  he could see no choice, he was Trapped,

in the Slam Zone, Lost and Confused in Tunnel Vision, Angry and all alone.  


Without his leadership, the state and county workers became totally demoralized and were found

sleeping on the job, work was left undone, taxes were raised, no one did anything, "nothing can be
done. No one cares, why should I?"


Enters Gilgamesh:

"Strength to face the impossible, for the future of freedom." You are being tricked, we need you

now more than ever.   The choices you make, make a difference.   Strength to face the impossible

took weeks to fully understand, but thank goodness it is real, made that way for good and great

purposes, to inspire you to come alive again.   He lived, he did come back alive.

He could finally see the Wonder Vision Wisdom of Contribution to Solution.   He experienced

the awesome personal rewards of knowing how uniquely valuable he is to the future of the

world, Core Value is Cool !! Meaning Makes Motivation!! 


Workers Compensation supported

him for a year before, Absolutely Free to Choose, he elected to return to The Lions Den.   

Letters were written, meetings were held, independent psychiatric evaluations conducted and

finally a meeting with the Boss's Boss, the chief himself.   "If you do come back, don't expect

any support from me."


This high school educated, emotionally wounded man formed his own independent consulting

firm and currently earns three times his previous salary training state and county supervisors.

Awesome, Important and Valuable to the future of freedom, to the future of the world,

You are the Chooser.  The choices you make, make a difference.


Gilgamesh®, Twenty-first Century Superhero presents, strength to face the impossible.

Gilgamesh®, Twenty-first Century Superhero presents, strength to face the impossible.