For The Future of Freedom

Strength to face the Impossible

Strength to face what's in your face

Strength to face what you need to face

Language cultivates and fertilizes the ground that grows the rose, awe and wonder.
The battle for freedom begins in the Land of Imagination.

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He was a self made man.

Valued and skilled in his occupation.

He knew how things should be done.

It was his mid life crisis all right.

His marriage undone, unable to talk with his children,

passed over for promotions, lonely, he was hurting,

trapped inside emotional waves and drowning,

trapped in the tug of war between stories,

a prisoner of the wordless world.

Distracted and driven to self destruction.

Overwhelmed, confused, day dreaming solutions,

out of control, irresponsible, terrified warned him,

just in time.

Made that way on purpose, Pain Teaches.


Willing to search for his contribution to solution,

Curious, he agreed to look into the emotional mirror

and found one of his attitude problems, no gratitude.

Hearing the story of freedom, willing to see the movie,

tricked and trapped, stuck in a box, lost in a rabbit hole,

the chooser came alive. 'Strength to face the impossible'.

Father, son, friend, leader, community member, grand father.

Excited alive again into imagination with purpose,

you're contribution to solution.

Wonder Vision Wisdom.

Never give up. Make a difference.

Free the Genius of the People.

For good and great purposes.

The New Movie.


"Emotional Anatomy"

The Story of Freedom




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