Guerrilla Mind Warfare

Terrorist Traitors to The Story of Freedom

How cunning and baffling must powers of darkness be
to capture capitalists in their prime and turn them traitor to
the story of freedom.

Their Fifth Amendment privilege becomes a collective conspiracy,
withholding from us discoveries of human greed and what else...??, lasciviousness?
narcodemocracy?, Columbia's destruction paid for by USA?...vulnerabilities to the axis of evil:
Chemical Weapons of mass destruction, alcohol, nicotine, obesity, ecstacy, cocaine, crack, ice, mj.

Volunteers become willing teachers who will help us profit from these multi billion dollar lessons.
How are our best and brightest captured and turned against us?---Stuck in a box of silence.
Here are lessons of enormous value. How do they become covered in clouds of denial?

No Choice? Freedom confronts the cult of greed, addicted to their drugs and pornography,
consumed in 'who cares anyway?; what difference does it make?', power and control.
People of Freedom invite volunteers, inspired alive to be legacy for our future.

Or do we bare collective witness to capitalism's fatal flaws, greed and dishonesty.
No need for bioterrorism, moral corruption infects core capitalist culture.
More powerful than fear, The Story of Freedom, a gift from heaven.

The mind is designed to experience personal significance,
important and valuable for the future of freedom,
the truth, we need you now more than ever.
Strength to face the impossible


People are the Product of Freedom
Free the genius of the people

God Intends Magnificent
Free Creation

Intelligent Design
The Controversy


People of Freedom




Lessons from Enron
If you think that Enron executives were up to no good,
imagine the damage they could have done if they had
chosen careers in government.




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Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD
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