Intelligent Design

The intelligent design of the human mind is quickly demonstrated
through intimate discussions of personal significance.
You personally are important and valuable to the future of the world.

In a boringly repetitious frenzy,
an infinite variety of oppositions to this simple truth attacks you.
It is therefore quite challenging to invite your, the reader's, interest in recognizing
the cornerstone importance of this simple fact, core value.

The mind is provoked by this simplicity
so that an accurate recognition and description of your, the reader's,
patterns and combinations of uniquely personal opposition may develop.
This is Emotional Anatomy,
the beginnings of Emotional Dissection.

Distractions will overwhelm us until we can attain
a relaxed enjoyment in the experience of discovery.
Becoming comfortable, confident and familiar with
the huge variety of distracting mental states (mood shifting)
is our initial goal.

Anything that prevents this congenial atmosphere is acknowledged.
It is the opposition itself.
Guerrilla Mind Warfare,
respond, report, recall, recognize and describe it.

Here begins proof of your personal significance.
For only you will be able to recognize your own
boringly repetitious opposition.

"Emotional Anatomy",
as unique as finger prints and faces,
moods, feelings, attitudes, urges, impulses, images, ideas,
memories, sensations, words, thoughts, concepts,
favorite dreams, desires, drives, fantasies,
wants and wishes
resentments, bitterness and anger all
combine in ways which attempt to end this conversation.

Our first and most important challenge
is to establish your willingness
to continue as part of magnificent creation.

Welcome aboard.
"Seek me with all your heart and you shall find me."




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Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD
"Gratitude reboots the machine."
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