Just like a fighter aircraft pilot,
Everything you need to fly this marvelous machine
Directly in your line of sight.

Watch it workWatch it work
Intelligent Design
A Natural Navigation System
All on one page.


The legacy of Gilgamesh presents, strength to face the impossible for the future of freedom.
Because sometimes it seems impossible,
You become proof this strength is real.
We need you now more than ever.
You are the chooser.
Your choices make a difference.
People are the product of freedom.

Against hidden opposition, Gilgamesh seeks to free the genius of the people.
Stuck in a Box
--Core Value--
awesomely unique, important and valuable,
what will be your contribution to solution for the future of our world?
If glimpsed only for a moment--Gratitude reboots the machine--Tell your story.
Awestruck in wonder vision wisdom--The Story of Freedom--tell how you break out of the box.
Intelligently Designed--the most rewarding experience in living--Tug of War between stories.
Never give up, because the mind was made magnificently on purpose,
free to choose for good and great purpose, pass it along.
to see clearly enough for us to choose wisely,
Tell your closest friends.
freedom forever.
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Just as supersonic aircraft can be flown with all essential information to fly the craft
displayed within the pilots line of site, the mind moving can be condensed on to one page,
a guidance system, designed intelligently and user friendly,
Head Up Display.


The future of freedom is in our hands.
The Spoken Operating System


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