Guerrilla Mind Warfare:
The Structure and Dynamics of Emotional Anatomy

by Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD

The experience begins --You are important and valuable to the future of the world.   The choices you make, make a difference.    Creative genius designed a beautiful mind, able to freely choose the most magnificent of options available to it. Then, at the same time, creative genius causes all things to work together for good.   People of Freedom have minds capable of seeing this clearly and explaining how it works to the world.   There is a powerful opposition to understanding freedom, pressured by mental guerrillas. We want to open the doors of language to find words crafted to teach each other how the mind works. Are you willing?   We need you now more than ever.

Against us, there is a cancer consuming the minds of people throughout the world.   It feeds upon the deep pain provoked by death of the heart, the loss of hope so close, once here. Enraged by this pain, the cancer burns a terrifying fear and imprisons those who cannot hear or see outside the walls of self protecting, preoccupied and isolated cells.   The story of freedom? What freedom?   Compassion for those who are trapped and don't even know it. From peasant farmer to inner city drug addict, their claim is "I had no choice."

With intellect, images, ideas, feelings, urges and impulses, Guerrilla Mind Warfare slowly eats upon your will to live until finally, unseen, the cancer enters and consumes your surrender to its call.   Who cares.   No one else cares, why should I care?   Kill them, they don't care.   Kill myself, you won't care.   Numb myself, I don't care.   Forced out of control, cynical death preoccupies my mind.   Your death becomes my reason to live.   Can no one save me from this dark pit?

Intelligently designed by genius to reveal magnificent creation, the battle for freedom begins in the land of imagination. There is a tug of war between stories, a new movie more powerful than the old.   Free people from all over the world combine their efforts and inspire your free choice to participate in shaping a language that can reach out to all the people of the world and help them choose living in ways that makes earth glory for God. You are significant. Your life has meaning and purpose through your contribution to understanding, what gets in the way? Thank you is the only logical response, gratitude for creative genius, gratitude allows your mind to begin thinking again. Intelligently designed, the mind works best, grateful to be free.


Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD



being written in collaboration with gratitude to
Peter C. Whybrow, MD
Chairman of the Department
UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences


No Life Lost in Vain





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Riggs Bailey Roberts, MD
"Gratitude Reboots the Machine"


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