July 3rd
Imagination Day
A day when People of Freedom
remember for the children of freedom
The privilege of choosing no war, creative genius.


Dear Mr. President,

It is time the television starts talking about the intelligent design of freedom.

Oh so serious the times. The Story of Freedom, a project I dream to be so significant, I am pressured to tell. These concepts must be spoken quickly and well by someone capable of mass media exposure, for the war makes it seem all who speak for freedom are suspect and bullies. There is an advertisement on television featuring a radical skate boarder who flies off a mountain onto rough terrain. The ad ends with the comment "what was he thinking?" This speaks to me. But more so, it speaks of the Bush administration and Saddam Hussein. They need help explaining themselves.

Well, it is time the television starts talking about the intelligent design of freedom. God works all things for the good, including this war. We (free people of the west) are responsible for presenting freedom to the world. Designed to inspire you personally, the gift of freedom intends our free choice to become the magnificent people God intended. "Smack down guerrilla wrestling on cosmic TV" exposes every thought, image, idea, impulse, urge and obstacle opposed to this end. Gilgamesh®, the animated character that entertains and explains "guerrilla mind warfare" will engage the world in examining their own personal struggles with tortured thoughts of mayhem, revenge, power and control. There is urgency to spread this understanding of how the mind works around the world. This battle must be aired on Al-Jazeera and all over the western world. Explaining the language of liberation, "freedom cannot be forced" will engage the world in thought and ask both sides to realize responsibility for teaching freedom. Here is powerful personal responsibility to the future of the world. Our children's children are depending upon us. We can no longer hide for we all have become the perceived enemy of freedom? Rage and fear hide the truth. Why freedom? Let the conversation begin.




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