Free the Genius of the People

Human Behavioral Anatomy
Patterns of Emotions (and Behavior) that string together for a purpose.
When counterproductive, painful confusion results.
Emptiness, purposeless, meaningless, hurt,
The Tug of War Between Stories
Natural Navigation
Awe and Wonder
Pain Teaches

Emotional Anatomy
The Story of Freedom
The Emotional Motor System
The Spoken Operating System
People are the Product of Freedom

Look into the emotional mirror, the same is true of physical anatomy,
there are no two people with an identical emotional anatomy.
It is in patterns of emotional expression
we can appreciate familiar similarities
in how the mind works.
Repetitious patterns of
and reactions
determine personality and style,
your 'signature symptoms'
You are The Chooser.

Just as racism is reflex emotional response to physical characteristis,
pride (and so many other isolated emotions) is reflex emotional response
which gets in the way of full spectrum viewing through Awe and Wonder.   Stuck in a box,
surrounded by patterns of emotionally driven gorrillas,
there is the tendency to give up hope for the world.
Full spectrum thinking and learning stops.
"I don't even think about it."

The Story of Freedom
The Spoken Operating System

seeks to

Free the Genius of the People.
We Need You Now More Than Ever

Emotional Surgery

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