The Story of Freedom

The Epic of Gilgamesh offers evidence the mind of mankind is unchanged in over 5,000 years of time:
Bill Clinton replays the cultural icon of powerful sex addicted king who gets busted;  Sensitivity training
by Enkidu representing native peoples everywhere;  Seduced by modern times and powerfilled human
imagination, perplexed by superstitions, embittered, yearning for roots, origins, source, the good old
days;  Best efforts offered;  Well intentioned governments fail to solve the problems of the people;
Gilgamesh® fails to convince his people with fruit from the tree of life.

Parents everywhere tell these stories to their children, legacies of personal purpose.
Now it is our turn to tell The Story of Freedom, stories to inspire alive
every ounce of youthful energy to take over where we left off
and tell the story again.

Bill Clinton is evidence.
We are prisoners of our addictions, trapped and unwilling to change.
But the country is not for sale; its legacy is Freedom.
People are the product of freedom,
and Pain Teaches.   
Have we had enough Pain yet?
Gilgamesh®  :  "Meaning" mobilizes the masses and returns purpose to the common man.
People are the product of freedom.
In order to form a more perfect Union...
and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity...  
Break free from the dark cave of scepticism, who cares anyway?
The future of freedom is in your hands.

People of Freedom
The annimated superhero,
Gilgamesh® is recruiting YOU.
"We need you now more than ever, for the future of freedom."
Hear the chorus of voices scream.
The opposition begins inside your own mind.
"The battle for freedom begins in the land of imagination."

Unable to stop himself,
Bill Clinton, does not yet know how the mind works.
Tricked and trapped-vs-free to choose?




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