April 18, 2001                        

My dear friend Ted Turner,

For times such as these, of what good is a powerless king 5000 years old?   Consider wisdom from a zealot friend, perhaps my story will intrigue you.   I too once ruled the world, all authority was mine as far as I could see.   Of my legend people told for over 2000 years. Because of my mythical greatness, I have been called tyrant and foolish mortal.   Some called me demigod.

Deep within my heart there is a part that aches, for the people cannot yet see beyond the walls of their stubbornly constructed boxes. Compassion yearns to tell a story powerful enough to attract us through this confusion.   "You are important and valuable to the future of freedom in this world." I would never have attained forever greatness had not good people freely chosen to dedicate their lives to the cause of building magnificent Uruk and then given me credit for its creation.   So many loyal generals, so many loyal foot soldiers, so many faithful citizens were excited alive by the story of freedom, no more Bull of Heaven, no more fear of marauding tribes.   They made Uruk a land of wonder that will inspire the world to seek the peace which we have known.   There is great peace in the heart that knows it has purpose. We need you now more than ever.

My dear friend Ted Turner, I am sorry you suffer as did I the terrifying depths of despair in the pit of suicidal depression.   But know this, there is a way out.   You need not remain as prisoner of despicable gloom.   This Emotional Anatomy can be understood but not easily.   Enkidu, our friend who ran free with the gazelle taught me.   When you cannot see rainbows through the window of your wisdom, you know you are stuck in a box, surrounded by merciless guerrillas, ceaselessly torturing, they want you to die.   Their every thought persuades you to give in, to volunteer for self destruction.

Be willing to live, my friend.   You are unique in all the world.   Your battle for freedom in this world wide guerrilla wrestling contributes essential pieces in the Generation Wisdom puzzle.   Your conflict is not unconscious nor is it insane.   Lingering in the land of imagination lie memories of all our failings.   Dysfunctional role models wound and scar us, forcing repetitiously compulsive rounds of self destruction.   Your willingness to learn how the mind works, and honestly discuss your discoveries, makes a difference. Contribution to solution worth billions.








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